Russ Williams steps down after a massively successful period as club coach of Mount Maunganui Cricket Club

30 Jun

After 5 summers and 18 trophies, Mount Maunganui club coach Russ Williams has pulled stumps.

“Over the past few weeks I have made the decision to step away from being a cricket coach and going back to the building trade”

Russ plans to step down from coaching as a way of making more time for his young family. Since Russ took over as the club head coach, the club has won 10 of the clubwide competitions and won 4 Hart family trophies.

“The Mount Maunganui cricket club has been a huge part of my life and coaching career for a long time.
I have absolutely loved my my time playing and coaching with the mount over the last decade. As a coach I have always worked hard to leave teams/players in a better place than when I started and I feel like I have done this with the mount.
The trophies are a great reflection on the growth we have had as a team and as club.”

“I want to say thank you to you all for so many great years and great memories I will cherish for ever. I will still be around supporting the club I love so much.”

"Rusty" as he affectionately known, will leave noticeable gap in the ranks at the club. His on the park results speak for themselves but his off the park importance as a key driver in club culture and comradeship will make him sorely missed.